"Discover How to Turn Your Newsletter Into a Money-Making SYSTEM So You Can Easily Attract a Constant Stream of New Clients and Explode to 6 Figures and Beyond..."

This step-by-step system shows you how to make money with your newsletter right now—and eliminate years of potential failure through trial and error—whether you're new to newsletters or a seasoned ezine publisher who wants to increase profits.

6-Figure Newsletter

Dear Passionate Solo-Business Owner,

Linda Claire PuigWhat's the secret weapon every 6-figure entrepreneur has that makes all the difference in the world to their business success?

The thing that allows them to inspire their audience to action with powerful messages? The thing that enables them to fully experience their dream life of abundance, time and freedom?

Their secret weapon? A newsletter. This is what I hear over and over again:

"I wouldn't have my business, if I didn't have a newsletter."

Are you working way too hard trying to get new clients in the door because you don't have an effective, income-generating newsletter system in place?

You might be feeling...

  • Overwhelmed and needing practical guidance about where to begin with a newsletter and how to make it generate money
  • Disappointed in past results with newsletters and wondering what you might have "done wrong"
  • Frustrated that you have to keep putting off your dreams because your business is not generating enough money to fund them
  • Afraid of what people will think if you started sending newsletters and other marketing emails
  • Sick and tired of being the best-kept secret

I understand...and you're not alone.

Perhaps you're just starting out in business, excited and enthusiastic, wanting to avoid all the years of trial and error and potential failure. 

Either way, whether you're ready to throw in the towel or wanting to skip straight to "go"...

...if you don't have a newsletter to follow up and keep in touch with potential clients—to become someone they know, like and trust enough to hire and buy from—you may never reach 6 figures in your business.

Everything you do to grow your business will take far more time and energy than it needs to.

And for me, the saddest part is that, without a 6-Figure Newsletter, you may never get to have a business that supports your dreams for your life.

To have the kind of business that supports YOU, rather than the other way around, you need a powerful newsletter that...

  • Sparks an intense hunger in your audience to open, read and react in the exact manner you desire!
  • Skyrockets your personal and business brand as THE unforgettable go-to expert, allowing you to easily attract a steady stream of “perfect clients” ready to work with you now.
  • Swells your contact list into the thousands and beyond so that you can easily fill your programs and client spots to maximum capacity.
  • Attracts lucrative relationships with other business owners wanting to collaborate with you to rapidly grow your business.
  • Works hand-in-hand with other types of marketing messages to open the floodgates on your income.
  • Dramatically increases your self-confidence so that it ripples out and transforms all aspects of your life.

When your newsletter does all this, your business will zoom to 6-figures and beyond, just like it has for all the heart-centered entrepreneurial rockstars I've interviewed. Just like my own business exploded.

But it wasn't always like that for me.

Here I was, creating newsletters professionally for others, and yet (I'm embarrassed to admit) I didn't have a newsletter myself.

Although I'd been doing newsletters for clients for 20 years, when I started creating newsletters for MYSELF, it felt really different. I made every mistake in the book and felt every fear and concern about newsletters that I've heard my clients express.

AND, not surprisingly, I struggled in my business.

When I finally committed to overcome my fears, to strategically USE my newsletter in a systematic way to grow my business, everything changed.

I became a highly sought-after expert speaker and a top-recruited joint venture partner. My contact list has grown by tens of thousands every year, and my business has grown by even more, to multiple-6 figures.  

The journey here has been amazing, inspiring, uplifting and HARD—until I cracked the code on this proven step-by-step strategy.

But it doesn’t matter how hard the journey was, what’s most important to me is that my 6-Figure Newsletter has given me an inspirational and fulfilling 6-figure life!

Such as living in a gorgeous medieval village in Italy for nearly 6 months. It was an amazing dream come true. And now, I spend at least 4 months every year traveling all over the world...while I work.

Here's the thing: I could never have fulfilled these longtime desires without the incredible support of my newsletter. 

I know how exhilarating it is to finally have the dream business and dream life I've always wanted...to be able to say, "I did it!" Imagine how powerful you’ll feel when you get to say those words yourself!

And now I'm ready to reveal my secret strategies to help you quickly EXPLODE your business online with a 6-Figure Newsletter...even if you have no idea where to begin.

6-Figure Newsletter"

With this powerful step-by-step program, you'll STOP leaving money on the table and START enjoying your business in a whole new way as you make the money you want doing the work you LOVE!

  • Learn the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets step-by-step system and get done-for-you templates, forms, checklists, trackers and other valuable resources you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Discover the secret strategies that my "Newsletter Rockstars" and I know about how to create a newsletter system that generates more profits and more time freedom!
  • Banish overwhelm, confusion and fear with practical advice and easy, concrete "how-to" steps from a newsletter and email marketing expert who's "been there, done that" and will lead you through the forest.
  • Generate credibility quickly, even if you're new to marketing or business, with specific expert guidance every step of the way.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that could ruin your professional image
  • Gain the freedom to pursue your life desires while your business supports you, NOT while you work like a dog to support your business!
  • Learn to create a newsletter the easy and profitable way the first time, and save yourself years of heartache, lost time and irreplaceable dollars from the trial-and-error approach.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never written a newsletter before in your life or you’ve written many that didn’t generate the response you desire.

What matters is that I am here, to walk you through this step by step, allowing you to benefit from my own 20+ years of professional newsletter experience PLUS every one of the additional trade secrets I discovered over the years of putting my own newsletter to work for my business.

Here are just SOME of the highlights for each module of the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets!

  • Get clear as a bell (finally!) on your ideal clients, ideal readers.
  • Zero in on exactly what your audience wants to read from you using 1 or all 4 laser-targeting methods.
  • Overcome terrors of being seen, judged, exposed and move into service mindset.
  • Discover your point of view and learn how to use it to make your newsletter HOT.

  • Include sizzling newsletter content that captivates your readers, makes them hungry for more and causes them to trust in your ability to provide the solutions they need.
  • Ensure you include the 21 things needed in every newsletter.
  • Name your newsletter. (There's a surprising amount of strategy involved in this!)

  • Brainstorm hundreds of article topics with one simple exercise.
  • Ensure scintillating content in your newsletters and keep your readers waiting for more by learning to utilize 3 unique article topic brainstorming methods.
  • Engage and captivate your readers by varying your article structure and see examples you can model.
  • Apply 10 effective practices to free your mind so that your exhiliration and confidence spills over into your writing and inspires your readers.

  • Draw your ideal clients to you using the 7 guidelines for revealing appropriate aspects of your personal life in your newsletters and emails. (Especially helpful for introverts!)
  • Include personal information in a way that is natural, comfortable and fun!
  • Harness the power of the personal to create the "know-like-trust" factor with your audience, the critical first step to turning readers into buyers.

  • Always know what to promote in your newsletter and how to position it for maximum effectiveness.
  • Add key profit-producing promotional emails that focus positive attention on your services and/or products.
  • Understand and leverage key promotional writing practices that boost results.

  • Craft subject lines that cause readers to open your emails more frequently.
  • Avoid the most common subject line mistakes that doom email marketing efforts.
  • Use special identifiers that make your email stand out in people's inbox.
  • Add personality and intrigue to subject lines (in ways that actually work) that increase your open rate.

  • Gather and compile your ideal "starter list" of email contacts—even if you think you have no one to put on it.
  • Avoid sign-up box mistakes that make list-building ineffective.
  • Create messages that work silently and tirelessly on your behalf 24/7.

  • Determine which of 6 ezine formats is best suited to your style and your readers' preferences, as well as which ones are most effective.
  • Incorporate professional design standards and elements into your newsletter design.
  • Avoid common newsletter design mistakes so that you look like a pro, not a rookie.

  • Gather dynamite social proof in your newsletters and use it to sell FOR you.
  • Save time and fast-track your efforts by using 1 or several of the most effective business partnering secrets to grow your list.
  • Connect with your ideal clients on social media and channel them to your email list using the 4 social media best practices related to newsletters.

  • Repurpose your newsletter content so that you are truly maximizing your efforts and casting the broadest net with your time and energy.
  • Strategically plan your newsletter sections and future issue content for maximum success.
  • Stay on track with your newsletter using proven and tested methods to get and stay consistent!

On-Demand Training Modules (Recordings & Transcripts)

This program includes 10 super-rich training modules where I reveal the complete 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets step-by-step system.

You get recordings AND transcripts of each and every module, to accommodate your preferred learning style. Learn at your own pace. Go back and review any time you want.

Take the course as quickly or as slowly as you need to. No need to wait for new modules to appear if you want to get YOUR 6-Figure Newsletter started right away.

Downloadable Templates, Checklists, Trackers, Planners and Other Step-by-Step Handouts

These documents will help you create, track, plan and remember all the steps along your path to a 6-Figure Newsletter.

Here are EXAMPLES OF JUST A FEW of the 20+ documents included in this program:

  • Detailed Ezine Start-Up Checklist to Instantly Get on Track to Newsletter Success
  • 40 Ways to Create Powerful Content Now
  • 5-Star Article Templates
  • Easy-to-Use Email Communications Calendar
  • Time- and Effort-Saving Content Repurposing Checklist (more than 40 ways to reuse your newsletter content)
  • 105 Things You Can Start Promoting Today
  • And many more...

"I already have a newsletter...what's in it for me?"

If you're not getting the results you want from your current newsletter, you probably need a content makeover and additional emails to support and integrate with your newsletters.

In fact, this is what I've seen missing from so many newsletter efforts: their newsletters exist out there on their own, not as part of a thought-out intentional communication system. Until such time as this happens, your results will probably continue to be lukewarm at best.

What you need is content that inspires credibility, trust, confidence and a willingness to take action.

If you've tried sending a newsletter but were disappointed with the response you got, your newsletter and other email messages are not hitting the spot, and you need to look at what you can do differently—or what you might be missing—in order to stand out and inspire different action with your audience.

You need each of the steps I will be teaching and to see how they all fit together to create your 6-figure business.

"I'm already doing other coaching programs to build my business. Why should I take this course?"

If you're working with a good coach, he or she will tell you to do a newsletter. And with good reason:

If you don't have a newsletter to follow up and keep in touch with potential clients—to become someone they know, like and trust enough to hire and buy from—everything else you do to grow your business will take far more time and energy than it needs to.

To make ANYTHING else you're doing in your business successful, you need an established relationship with readers who see you as an expert they can trust in to hire. And the only way to have that is with a newsletter.

But there's usually a HUGE gap between "do a newsletter" and discovering how to create a 6-figure client-attracting, money-making newsletter!

The 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets plugs that gap. It actually complements any other business building program and helps you get bigger, faster results from the actions you're taking.

"I'm just beginning and I don't have a product or program ready to promote. Will this training still help me, or should I wait?"

"The beginning" is actually a PERFECT time for you to take the course. Not many people are in a position to "officially" start their business with their entire newsletter system up and running from Day 1. That's the opportunity you have!

This course is foundational to everything you will do to market your business online. What I will help you do is to get started asap with a newsletter—so that you can begin building a solid, personal relationship with potential clients. You don't have to wait to start that!

As for promoting things...the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets will benefit you whether you're focused on selling leveraged products or private service packages.

And if you're having a hard time deciding what to promote, one of your bonus checklists includes 105 different things you can promote. If you think you don't have anything to promote right now, you won't think that any longer after you work with this checklist!

"I don't consider myself a good writer...will I be able to benefit?"

You can create amazing results with this program even if you don't consider yourself a great writer. Creating a powerful newsletter system is easier than you think, and you'll have my full support + resources to guide you through.

I've broken the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets process down into simple steps that you can easily follow. You'll have templates to refer to, and examples to model.

Several of my 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets students began their newsletter journeys HATING to write, and they are now excellent writers. They LOVE it and what this new-found skill has allowed them to do. This course could be the start to changing YOUR relationship with writing!

My 100% Happiness and Peace of Mind Guarantee

You are not taking a risk with this investment, because it's backed by a complete 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the course (and can show us you've taken action on the activities and materials). My past students (700+ of them) have loved and gotten so much out of this course that I am confident you will, too.


"I love it! How much is my investment?"

Creating your newsletter system is one of the most valuable skills you'll ever learn as a business owner, and it will continue to pay off in your business, year after year.

The original investment for this program was $1,497. Hundreds of students discovered these
6-figure newsletter secrets and used them to benefit their business in BIG ways. In fact, more than 700 students have been through this course.

The offer today includes $5,997 in special bonuses, including the 10 live coaching sessions, for a total real value you receive when you register is $7,494.

Yet YOUR investment is only $7,494 $1,497 $497!

Make your investment now and let it pay dividends in your business for years.

6-Figure-Newsletter-Secrets-Reservation-Form Single payment of $497 4 payments of $157

Still have questions?

Ask me any question about the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets, and I'll help you get clear so you know if it's the right fit for you.


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